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  • lilithharper
  • 27 years old
  • Sierra Vista, AZ, USA
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  • viralrain
  • 27 years old
  • Berlin, CT, USA
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  • cakeflirty21
  • 29 years old
  • Qiryat Bialik, Israel
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  • heidibelle
  • Becoming a fantasy character out of my creation As long as i have known, my family has always been part of reenacting and creating armour out of old street signs. and sewing great gowns suited for royalty. it would be my great pleasure to be part of that here on this site.
  • 26 years old
  • Waynesburg, PA, USA
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  • mezee
  • Aspiring cosplayer!
  • Aspriring roleplayer!
  • 29 years old
  • Vancouver, Canada
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  • dannini
  • i love science
  • Newbe I don't have much experience with LARPing yet, but i've been interested for years. Sadly i haven't found a good group nearby yet.
  • 30 years old
  • Bayreuth, Germany
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  • andrew93dragon
  • Seeking a Lady I'm not specifically into larp, however It is the closest to what I do. (SCA)
  • 26 years old
  • East Greenville, PA, USA
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  • shadarrahvnn
  • 56 years old
  • Zuidschermer, Netherlands
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  • warrenlynx
  • Roleplay is life I love roleplay and live action roleplay, though I haven't had the opportunity to be included in as man larps as I might wish. I would like to be involved in more.
  • 33 years old
  • Chickasha, OK, USA
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  • jessyca80
  • Looking for happiness
  • Looking for happiness I'm a fairly laid back person who doesn't like games or drama. I like to spend time with friends and laugh. I have a quirky sense of humor but I love very trying to find humor in things. I love to cuddle but I also like some alone time or time to indulge my hobbies. I am seeking someone who can be my best friend and girlfriend. I'm seeking someone who is motivated and pa...
  • 38 years old
  • Elmira, NY, USA
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