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Bisexual Female
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  • shyalaina
  • Haven't had the adventure but excited for it
  • Pretty much what my title says. I've never had one but it seems very exciting to learn about.
  • 30 years old | El Paso, TX, USA

  • dragonism7
  • I'm just looking for a nerd to larp with, maybe play d&d, just rp in general. Cosplay, go to renaissance faires etc. Play WoW.. I'm a Pagan also so, that's a plus.
  • 25 years old | Jacksonville, FL, USA

  • saraddictive
  • I'm a chunky but funky single mama who loves crafting stuff, LARPing, and being a big ol' nerd. Want to chat about your fandom? I'm here for it.
  • 36 years old | Aaronsburg, PA, USA

  • lilithharper
  • 28 years old | Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

  • sirenalunar
  • 26 years old | Milltown, FL, USA

  • oddboticus
  • 38 years old | Jennerstown, United States

  • cassious64
  • 27 years old | Calgary, Canada

  • kristie12
  • 29 years old | Hugo, United States

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