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Rampant: Rules for Live-Action Role Playing. a Twin Crowns Supplement
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Rampant: Rules for Live-Action Role Playing. a Twin Crowns Supplement

Harald Henning (Editor)

Live Action Role Playing
A Twin Crowns Rules Supplement

Are you truly ready to swing a sword or cast a spell ? Take your role-playing off the tabletop and give it some real live action spice with this book!

Comprehensive rules for Live Action role-playing in a fantasy setting
Character creation, life and death
Boffer weapon combat and construction
Arcane, divine, and alchemical magic
Thievery and economy
Fully skill-based system for multi-talented characters
Play an afternoon with a few friends, or plan a whole weekend for hundreds of eager players
Set up a battle ground in your backyard, a fantasy town at a camp, or a haunted forest in a park

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